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The Importance of Chatbots in Every Business

Facebook Messenger chatbots will be the next big marketing trend in 2018 and beyond. There is a bright future expected by the chatbots. More than 4.1 billion people are active on Facebook Messenger every month, so why not monetize this platform as part of your client’s social media marketing strategy? 2 billion people that business-related messages are sent through Facebook Messenger chats according to Facebook IQ. The good news is the chatbot trend is not weakening since 2017.

The beauty is that chatbots are still in their infancy, meaning that very few businesses are using them to sell. This equates to a huge opportunity for you, as a digital marketer, because deploying a bot will help your brand and whatever products you’re selling to stand out from the competition. People increasingly prefer chatting rather than personal contacts or even making phone calls because the tendencies in the communication technologies indicate, that text communication became the socially acceptable form of personal interaction compared to conventional ways. This not only happened in their personal life but also business relations. There is a huge potential for the business to assure the fast response to customer’s inquiries. According to Harvard Business Review and InsideSales researches, a five-minute delay can result in your chances to attract lead decimation. In ten minutes the delayed answer will reduce your chances to get the effective contact up to 400%.

There are some advantages of building Facebook bots such as 90% open rates, compared to the average 30% with email marketing, Instant, relevant answers to users who message your page, eliminating slow responses and missed sales, reach all your fans without paying Facebook to “boost” your posts, personalize your sales pitches using Facebook data, proving to customers that you understand them and monetize your conversations inside Messenger without redirecting them to a painfully slow sales page. There are a lot of real problems can be solved by using chatbots.

A lot of companies worked to create their own chatbots such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, Apple, and Samsung. I’m also doing some research regarding chatbot at DeepAGI. Below is come comparison among chatbots that existing in the market:

comparison chatbots
comparison chatbots

We can conclude that chatbot is very important for your business, cost-effective and fastest way of providing an engaging experience to users. If you looking for a solution using a chatbot, don’t hesitate to email me nurdin[a]

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