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Religious discrimination in hiring — A matter of culture fit or incompetent management?

I completely disagree with his opinion regarding this issue, Most of the employers will emphasize on attitude first, followed by skills and experience. There is no such thing whereby a religious person will be a problem in hiring decision making. EI (emotional intelligence) is an essential condition and a thing that is absolutely necessary that managers, business owners, and employers must consider in hiring potential candidates because it can be an effective leader in a working environment. There are 5 components of emotional intelligence at work, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill. These 5 components are strong and positively correlated with their perceiving themselves to have greater EI. I once worked at a predominantly Chinese company before I started my own recruitment business, Soding. My ex-boss didn’t mind his employees going for prayer during working hours as long as we can achieve our own KPI. If somehow we are not able to achieve the KPI set, the management wouldn’t blame it on prayer issue during working hours but will investigate other factors that relate to the dip in performance accordingly.

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