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How to extract data using Selenium without using Facebook Graph API

This tutorial explains how to extract data using Selenium and Python without the Facebook Graph API. The reason why we use Selenium instead of Facebook Graph API is that Facebook could possibly modify or disable any endpoint accesses to the API at any time. One reason is the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, abusing their gains on the Facebook platform.

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Automating facebook group posting using selenium webdriver and python

According to Snapagency, $75,000 a year, or 35% percent of all marketing spend on average for companies, almost cost a year of operation. The business owner should build awareness for their product and service. High and deepen engagement about the business can help to create a continuous brand experience and increase brand visibility. There are many tools and channels to market their business nowadays. One of the methods is to post valuable content on Facebook. But how you can automate this process without wasting your time? You can use this script to automate posting to a specific Facebook group you are a member. WARNING: PLEASE USE THIS SCRIPT WITH CAUTIOUS. Facebook will limit your posting if too much often. Take a break between posts and leave sometime in between around 10 minutes.