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Lesson learned from Hausboom and Syed Saddiq drama as an entrepreneur

There are a lot of things we can learn from Hausboom and Syed Saddiq story.  If you follow these 5 rules when doing business, we as a founder can avoid the frustration that can lead to making a mistake decision which can affect the company reputation or almost into destruction.

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New resolution and common mistakes to avoid as a startup co-founder for 2019

The New Year is quickly approaching! You know what that means, countless New Year’s resolutions that you will create and fail to follow through on. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Less than 10% of people ever achieve their New Year’s resolution. So many of us get a jolt of excitement and inspiration of the New Year. New Year, new you.

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LGBT, Homosexuality and Mental Illness | Psychiatry

I’m a male biologically speaking but in the name of absurdity identified as a girl and near the beginning of this sentence and then a boy near the end of the sentence. Why? Because I feel like it’s called gender fluidity. Who are you to tell me I wasn’t a girl at the beginning of that sentence? Did you use scientific knowledge empiricism? That’s nonsense.

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The Art of Doing Nothing

I surveyed startup and compared their lifestyle with business people. The business people had the lifestyle the people in a startup so dearly wanted. Why? Well, they spent about less than 40 hours a week working and the rest of us at their leisure whereas the startup plotted most people in the startup spent 8 hours at their leisure time a week and the rest was either working or certain fields like working.

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Challenges Faced By Tech Recruiters In Startups And Big Giants

There are so many challenges for both candidate and employer. Some challenges from the candidate such as wrong expectation, skill/talents, or attitude. For example, most computer science students didn’t know what Git is. However, this article will be focusing more on the employer side. Further, hiring a great candidate is difficult, but retaining is more difficult. Let’s dissect.

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5 Red Flags That Should Turn You Off a Digital Marketing Agency

There is no easy way to find a good digital marketing agency nowadays and it takes some due diligence to find a good one. A lot of quantitative rather than qualitative. You need to find an agency that can co-op with your company culture that knowing your business with an affordable and relevant budget. Even you know a lot of them that can help you out in the market but you need to beware some red flags before signing the contract with them. It doesn’t matter either is it large or small agency as long the requirement met.

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