Hire Me

If you looking for outsourcing your software development, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our charges is around $80 per hour.

So the development time depends on the complexity of the project.
– A Simple Application takes around 5 weeks (20 hours), if done fast and efficient.
– A Medium Application take 8 weeks – 12 weeks (33-49 hours), and more, depending on the logic.
– A Complex Application like Uber can take ~20 weeks (82 hours).

If including UI/UX & QA, it takes 1-2 hours for each module (UI/UX) and 5-20 days (QA) depends on months.

Portfolio upon on request.

Once completed, we have provided after sell support if you need hiring in house developer using our evaluation platform (https://soding.com.my).

Other than that, we also doing these

a) AI recruitment/evaluation platform for software developers, https://soding.com.my.
b) Chatbot for digital marketers, https://deepagi.com/.
c) SQA (software quality assurance).
d) Mobile app & machine learning training.
e) AI consultation (predictive analysis, image recognition, text analysis).

Let me know if you were needed these kind of solutions.

Reference: http://revivalx.com