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Challenges Faced By Tech Recruiters In Startups And Big Giants

There are so many challenges for both candidate and employer. Some challenges from the candidate such as wrong expectation, skill/talents, or attitude. For example, most computer science students didn’t know what Git is. However, this article will be focusing more on the employer side. Further, hiring a great candidate is difficult, but retaining is more difficult. Let’s dissect.

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How to learn to code (quickly and easily!)?

I will share you about 4 strategies on how to learn code as fast as possible that I personally use in my daily life 5 years ago without burning any money. I’m from the background of computer science love to explore from basic to endless subtopics like programming concepts to machine learning. There are 4 things how to learn code fast:

  1. Find a reason to learn
  2. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough
  3. Create a set of milestones
  4. Curiosity
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How to Make Your Company’s Hiring Process More Fair?

Are religious and race discrimination in the workplace totally the same? Media always make headlines based on misleading information as we can see in local newspapers. According to this paper, race much more important than resume and skills quality, affects prospects of getting an interview, with Malays, Malaysia’s majority group, significantly less likely to be called than Chinese. Malay graduates face differential treatment when applying for jobs compared to their Chinese counterparts. The reality is they emphasize more on racial instead of skill requirement. Is it because of communication language or culture?

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8 key steps to getting your first software developer job

Before taking a leap of faith in a startup world, I’m as a freelance programmer at the same time partnered with digital agencies and other freelancers which are my friend too. In the freelance world, you need to remember that your projects don’t secure you’re financial forever. If you sleep, so does your business. Unless your business is run by your own employees (if you have). But I don’t think it’s a sustainable and scalable business after all. So I’ve decided to seek a job after completing my bachelor degree. After I graduated from the local university, I applied for some IT jobs through a famous job portal but it was unfortunate for me because lack of working experience and maybe the expected salary was too high for them.

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